Are you Ready for The Location Advantage and Cartography. Starting in April?

Discussion created by ASchutzberg-esristaff Employee on Mar 26, 2018

Two Esri MOOCs, The Location Advantage and Cartography. start April 18, 2018. If you plan to join us and have not registered, please do so soon. Registration for both courses closes May 2.


This is a good time to be sure you are ready to go when the course opens.


1) Be sure your e-mail address is up-to-date on your Esri profile. Visit and log in with your Esri account. Click the My Profile tab and review your information.  Use the pencil icon next to your primary e-mail address to edit it if needed. Many registration confirmations have bounced, so we suspect many of the e-mail addresses are not up-to-date.


If your Esri access is provided via an Esri enabled ArcGIS Online that’s part of an existing ArcGIS Online organization from work or school, it’s likely your e-mail address is up-to-date. If it’s not, you will need to contact your organization’s administrator to change it.


2) Be sure your browser and computer are update and date and meet the requirements for the software used in the course(s) you are taking. You can find this information on each course description page (The Location Advantage and Cartography.) under the Software tab, toward the bottom of the page. Esri provides the software you will need during the course, but each student will need access to appropriate hardware and operating system. Note that Cartography. exercises use ArcGIS Pro, which requires a rather robust computer.


3) Put the course start date, April 18, on your calendar if you have not done so already and read up on these Common Questions that address how Esri MOOCs work and what to expect.


4) Review How to Succeed in an Esri MOOC for other tips and tricks.


The MOOC team is looking forward to seeing you in class in April!