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Map service:  field format/metadata - where is it?

Question asked by mcknightCOD on Mar 24, 2018

There is quite a bit of information/details stored in a map service once it is published from a MXD.  But a couple of things I think should be available I cannot find, and I have to wonder - am I missing something?


1).  Field formatting:  This can be set up in the MXD via the layer "Properties" menu under the "Fields" tab.  Things like date format, number of decimal places, etc.  I see the field alias show up in map service but nothing about the formatting.  I know I can set these via an InfoTemplate but that seems like doing work twice.  Is this information stored someplace else?


2).  MetaData:  As in metadata from a feature class, not for the map service itself.  I can see metadata in a layer via the "View Item Description" in the layer context menu in ArcMap but how do I get to it from the map service?  I have gotten a few blank looks from ESRI folks about this one so perhaps someone else can explain.  I want all the gory details from our feature class metadata that we actually took the time to fill out.


Thanks for the help.





Sean McKnight

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