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Memory leak in AttachmentInfo.GetDataAsync method

Question asked by MarcoAmine on Mar 26, 2018
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I have a WPF application using runtime 10.2.7

In the application I run something like this:

   public async void Test()
      var geodatabase = await Geodatabase.OpenAsync("path");

      var featureTable = geodatabase.FeatureTables.First((table => table.Name == "t"));

      foreach (var updatedFeatureId in featureTable.GetUpdatedFeatureIDs())
         var feature = await featureTable.QueryAsync(updatedFeatureId);

         var attachments = await featureTable.QueryAttachmentsAsync(updatedFeatureId);

         if (attachments.Infos != null)
            foreach (var attachmentInfo in attachments.Infos)
               using (var fileStream = await attachmentInfo.GetDataAsync())

                  // do something with file content


When I run this with my offline .geodatabase file, the memory goes up to 1 GB (I have around 260 attachments of 4 Mb each), but it's never released.


Is this a known issue?

Is there any solution?


Just for curiosity I made a button that execute:



This frees the memory but only when I press it twice.


Thanks in advance.

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