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ArcGIS Online Hosted Feature Layer Doesn't Save 'Show Pop-ups' Settings

Question asked by flspat on Mar 23, 2018

Hi All, 


Steps to reproduce


  1. Create a hosted feature layer (or choose an existing one)
  2. Open the Item Details view
  3. Select the Visualization tab
  4. Click Configure Pop-ups
  5. Un-check Show Pop-ups
  6. Click OK
  7. Click Save Layer  - at this point the clicking on a feature doesn't display the pop-up BUT....
  8. Refresh page or use layer in a web map.  Pop-ups are still on.


If in #7 you click "Save As New Layer" and go thru the process.  The pop-ups will be disabled as expected unless you change the value and then it can't be reset to "disabled".  


Seems like a simple bug during the save as existing on this specific setting?  Or is this expected behavior i.e. you can only disable pop-ups on a new layer? (this would make managing the web maps harder)