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North arrow resizes smaller during generating maps with data driven pages

Question asked by StefanThorn on Mar 23, 2018

As many years ago, I still encounter the unwanted behaviour of the north Arrow is decreases in size when generating a series of maps.

I have made a map serie with the tool Strip Map Index Feature following long polyline (Dutch ****) and the orientation of the layout is landscape. When I generate the maps to pdf the north Arrow is rotating following the map orientation but decreases in size.


I am using 10.3 and wondering if there is a solution for this behaviour which persist already many years.

Below you can see a screen dump of the first(1) and the last (146) map and the significant different in size of the north Arrow. in map 146 the Arrow is almost not visible anymore

Map serie of 146 maps first and last map where you can see the different size of the north arrow after generating the maps