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Is it possible to show the field name alias on arcmap online or increase the data field name limit?

Question asked by Reckneps on Mar 23, 2018

I have made an online interactive map which shows details of a watercourse when you left click on each watercourse shapefile. When left clicking on the shapefile, it currently shows the field name followed by data. For example the field name is S_Spreading. I want it to show Soil Spreading but obviously this is over the character limit. I have made Soil Spreading the field name alias, however arcmap online shows the field name and not the alias.  


How can I get the map to show 'Soil Spreading'. Rather than S_Spreading (the shortened version to meet the character limit)? I have heard the alter field name allows field names over the limit but I dont appear to have this tool.


I think that makes sense but please ask if not.