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What is the best computer for 3D Architecture: Esri CityEngine and Unity?

Question asked by tamethomas on Mar 22, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2018 by geoinformacao

I am applying for a grant to create an interactive 3D model of a campus that will have interactive icons. I will be using CityEngine to create the buildings and landscape and I will be using Unity to code the interactive icons. I am looking for information on the best computers (preferably a laptop, but I am open) to use to complete my project. The machine will need to be efficient at giving a great quality for both programs. Here are my main questions that I have after reading feedback from similar questions:

  • Is a iMac Pro (latest) sufficient for the entirety of my project?
  • Would I need a custom build or would one machine be enough? Right now, I am just creating a campus and I can add on for professional use in the future.


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