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Why can I not export bar charts?

Question asked by DaveStewartCOH on Mar 22, 2018

I'm having issues exporting bar charts. I've used unique value symbology on a feature which is also joined to a database. When I create the bar chart it is viewable within ArcGIS Pro. However, when I try to export nothing happens.


I removed the join to see if that would fix things but it still fails. I also removed the unique value symbology and it still failed. I tried restarting ArcGIS Pro as well as my computer and it still fails just to see if that would fix it. The bar chart is visible but does not export. There seems to be some bugs happening here. I also tried export the feature and reattempted to export a bar chart from that - fail. As a work around I can just take a snapshot of the image...


When I test on another feature it exports with no issues.


Any ideas?


Thank you.