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Transferring content to organizational account from account outside of organization

Question asked by Blian2 on Mar 22, 2018
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We have a user who, using a different ArcGIS Online account outside of our organization, has created a couple Story maps and associated web maps. The account that he has created this content under is going to be deleted, and we would like to get that content over to his account under our organization.

What I have tried is adding his account outside of our org to a group created within our org. Then, using the ArcGIS Online Assistant, I have copied that content to our organization. This only works halfway, as it does not retain any of the images within his story maps (and there are many).

I'm aware that Admin Tools for ArcGIS has a clone function, but only the Pro Version ($500 a year).

I have also tried adding the URL as an item and creating it under our account, but that doesn't actually copy the content over and allow configuration of the applications to continue.

Are there any other solutions folks are aware of to transfer content, specifically story maps with a lot of picture,  from outside our organization to an account under our organization?

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