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Survey123 photos not saved in My Attachment photos

Question asked by nadineraska on Mar 21, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2018 by ghouck

I am asking this here because although I have been getting support from ESRI tech staff, they are unable to solve my problem, and I am dumbfounded and curious if anyone else has run into this problem and might have some words of wisdom.


A bunch of surveys were saved as drafts in a phone. Unfortunately the survey was changed and saved and the drafts are unable to be submitted (I know I know, no need to smack my hand for that). I tried to recover them as I have before, copying the .sqlite file from the ArcGIS  folder. However, there were no photos in the My Survey Attachments folder where they normally were. I can see thumbnails in the individual surveys (in Survey123 Drafts), and they have a photo name, but the photos are nowhere to be found. 


Digging through other files in the phone I was able to find the photos, but they had a totally different filename (they were saved onto the SD card..). So I am unable to copy them into the My Attachment folders and link/upload everything as usual. There are over well over 100 photos, and the only way to tell what survey they should link up to, and what photo name they should have, is by looking at the thumbnails in each individual survey. This would take a lot of time as this is not just 10 surveys.. I noticed they are all the _HDR copies, so curious if there is a "normal" copy somewhere. For all other photos in her phone, they are saved alongside these. Not in this case, and I have looked/search pretty extensively.


I am confused how Survey123 knows what the thumbnail of the photo looks like though - there must be some sort of link between the thumbnail and the filename it gives there (Photo1-xxxx-xxxx/jpg), and the photo that is saved somewhere on the phone?


Any ideas on other things I can try? I have searched the phone for anything with the "correct" filename as Survey123 says it is, but nothing comes up.


The phone is an LG G4. 


Also wondering if this is a Survey123 problem or a phone problem. Don't want to deal with this again...


Thank you