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Standard Approach for Deployment

Question asked by jameskennedy2265 on Mar 21, 2018



I am very new to developing for ArcGIS and in specific ArcMap. I have experiencing developing for other software, such as ProjectWise for example. 


Where can I read about the standard methods and ways of deploying a .DLL, or extension, or Tool created with the ArcObjects SDK?


My initial experiences this week has been that Visual Studio is requiring to be run as an administrator, because the samples are registering themselves in Windows Registry upon creation. That's fine and dandy, but pointless as this tool will be deployed to many users. 


I think proceeded to read documentation on how I can use a utility called ESRIRegAsm.exe in order to create a regedit file for the .DLL, and then run the regedit which will load it into the registry. I am fine with that as I can just read what kind of regedit needs to be done then write my own script to take care of that during deployment.


However, this has me wondering if there are better ways or recommended guidelines for this to be done. Are there better ways to deploy tools/extensions/.dlls/addins I build using the SDK?


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