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Export data from 2 points connected by a line

Question asked by rus3610 on Mar 20, 2018
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I currently work for a public utility company focusing mostly on electric distribution. We were tasked with a project to create a table with transformer data and its associated service point data. To accomplish this what we need to do is select a transformer and select every service point that is associated with the specific transformer. So for example, we will have a transformer along a 3-phase line, from the transformer, there are either overhead or underground lines to each service. We are trying to find a way to export that data as one feature class so that we can easily export this data to a .csv file.


It is connected by a geometric network so we could do a downstream trace for each transformer, would just be quite time consuming with a large amount of data.


Might not be as descriptive as necessary so if anyone has any ideas or questions, feel free to ask!