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Republish an ArcGIS Server Feature Service

Question asked by marino on Mar 20, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2018 by sethlewistempe

Is it possible through ArcGIS Online to republish a feature service (using a Feature Service View or some other mechanism) from an external ArcGIS Server (of which I have no control)?


Here is an example:


Say there exists a feature service on an external ArcGIS Server (

I would like serve a filtered view of that data as a feature service to share with others (so that the others do not have to connect directly and view the full data at

From within ArcGIS Online, I can successfully connect the target feature service at

At this point, normally I would simply utilize the "Create View Layer" feature from within the Feature Layer, however this option does not appear for my connected Feature Service from

ArcGIS Online Republish ArcGIS Server Feature Service


Is it possible that the target/source feature service (the ArcGIS Server at from my above example) is simply blocking this from occurring, or is this not possible at all? If this will not work as envisioned, any ideas for potential alternative solutions?