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Mosaic Modis Data according to the date

Question asked by rajatchopra91 on Mar 20, 2018

I have 4 folders containing data of different areas and I have different .tif Files in each of them starting from Day 1 to Day 61

Structure of Folder is 

Main Folder (h24v06)








Main Folder (h24v07)








Similarly I have data in other two folders too.

Main Folder (h25v06)

Main Folder (h25v07)


Now I want to Mosaic Day1 as one image , Day 2 as another image and so on and so forth for  Day 61 .


Can anybody help me on how this can be done, as I have already tried Adding rasters to Mosaic Dataset, Raster to Mosiac.


Basically I want data to combine on basis of Daywise, as I wasn't able to find any tool to specify where we can separate the data on basis of Date.