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Runtime applications and versioned data

Question asked by tiirijar on Mar 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2018 by minerjoe

Question about ArcGIS Runtime applications and data synchronization against FeatureServer :


I am planning an application for Runtime base. Application will consume data from Enterprise Geodatabase for offline use. Database contains some tens of FeatureClasses and tables. Data is versioned to support long transaction workflow, using other ArcGIS apps so far. Versioned data contains quite frequent changes (hourly). Fresh data is expected to be available for offline Runtime app. Data can be published for Runtime app using ArcGIS Server and FeatureServer.


Documentation introduces normal workflows for creating replicas for Runtime app (Services pattern, Desktop pattern, Pre-planned- and On-demand workflows ). However, I cannot find details how to get data from particular DB-version to offline cache.  


Most likely there is no need to update this data on offline use (two-way sync). One-way synchronization is therefore ok for me. Current goal is to use “Services pattern + On-demand” -workflow as stated here : It is still ok to deviate this plan if needed. Getting data from particular version is the must.