Zonal Centroid question

Discussion created by pdel21 on Jan 31, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2012 by comeoncyt
Hello all,

I have a question regarding the Zonal Centroid tool.  In the Help it states the following:

"A centroid will be found for every zone. The cell of the output raster within which a centroid of a zone falls is set to the value of the zone. In general, the number of non-NoData cells in the output raster will be equal to the number of zones in the input raster. However, if two or more zonal centroids would fall within the same output cell, the value of the cell is set to the lowest zone value among those zones."

I take this to meant that if zone 1 and zone 5 happen to have the centroids in the same cell, the output cell would be coded as zone 1.  What happens to zone 5 though, does it just not exist in the output?  What if one needed the centroid of zone 5?