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Can't convert ESRI Metadata to ISO19139

Question asked by roelandtn on Mar 20, 2018



I extracted metadata from an SDE using arcpy.

I tried to convert it to ISO19139 using arcpy and the script below.


If I load the raw metadata in GeoNetwork it tells me unknownSchema. I tried to convert it using arcpy.ESRITranslator_conversion() and ESRI_ISO2ISO19139.xml translator. In that case, GeoNetwork says BadSchema.


I'm a bit stuck. Any idea how to fix that ? Am I missing something ?


Best regards,

Nicolas Roelandt


Here is the script  used :

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf8 -*-


import os, sys, arcpy


rep_projet = ur"D:/Projets/PP/GeoNetWork/test/"


source_md_format_iso = rep_projet + "ADM_chef_lieu_formatESRI.xml"


rep_install = ur"C:/Program Files (x86)/ArcGIS/Desktop10.5/Metadata"
translator =  os.path.join(rep_install, u"Translator", u"ESRI_ISO2ISO19139.xml")

rep_sortie = rep_projet + "sorties_HTS_10.5"


                                output=os.path.join(rep_sortie, u"ADM_chef_lieu_ESRI2ISO19139.xml"),\
                                logfile=os.path.join(rep_sortie, u"log.log"))