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OBJ File in CityEngine - Color Issues

Question asked by ewags1029 on Mar 19, 2018

Hello all (my first post!),


I have a rather large OBJ file created from a drone (covers about 30-40 acres; 470 megabytes) that, whenever I try to bring it into CityEngine, the colors are bleached white. "Picture of Issue" shows what I am seeing in CityEngine (notice how all of the colors are blown out). The JPEG files that are associated the OBJ file have the correct coloring, (see OBJ JEPG). The colors are darker and appear natural.


What makes this even weirder is that, when exported to ArcGIS Online's CityEngine Viewer, the coloring is corrected. See the "AGOL" Image. In esri's 360 VR app, the color is not corrected and still appears bleached and extremely bright.


My data are positioned at the correct location in space (X,Y, and Z) with the correct UTM zone coordinate system (UTM Zone 18N); this project is in Southeastern Pennsylvania. I have tried fooling round with the lighting, but nothing seems to fix it.


Anyone have any thoughts? I feel like I might be missing something obvious... Thanks!