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Unable to create replica or to export fGDB

Question asked by tom.rippetoe on Mar 19, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2018 by JTedrick-esristaff


We are no longer able to use the esri python API to create a replica on our survey's hosted feature layer. The error message we get looks like this:

03/14/2018 00:01:20 DEBUG arcgis._impl.connection RESPONSE:<super-secret-code>/FeatureServer/createReplica, {"error":{"code":500,"message":"Unable to create replica. Please check your parameters.","details":["Error in creating runtime geodatabase."]}}
03/14/2018 00:01:20 ERROR arcgis._impl.connection Unable to create replica. Please check your parameters.
03/14/2018 00:01:20 ERROR arcgis._impl.connection Error in creating runtime geodatabase. 

Additionally, we are not able to export the hosted feature layer as a file geodatabase.


We are able to export the hosted feature layer as a feature collection, geoJson, and shapefile.  


The hosted feature service does contain attachments (signatures and images).


Perhaps co-incidentally (or not), this behavior started when we added the esri parameter: 'allowUpdates' to our repeats.  Prior to setting that value we would run the 'create replica' routine nightly without error.


Any thoughts?