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Web AppBuilder login issue using Internet Explorer 11

Question asked by andrescastillo08 Champion on Mar 19, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2018 by andrescastillo08
I have successfully installed WAB DE on my local machine.
It works well on Microsoft Edge browser, but not IE 11.
and I am taken to the setaportal page (see pic)
I am then taken to a sign in page (see 'siginin.JPG' attachment)
I sign in correctly, but it takes me back to the setaportal page.
The Edge browser is the default browser, and I do not have any issues opening WAB DE this way (after I ran the procedure mentioned here.
I set up WAB DE to run as a windows service.
This is WAB DE 2.7
I added 'http://myMachinemyDomain' to my internet options>security>trusted sites list.