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Hi, I stuck up with a problem that I want to move from point A to point B by passing through exactly 100 houses in a single route, "without retracing" the route. How can I do that.? Does VRP helps here.? If so, how to perform.?

Question asked by on Mar 20, 2018
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While using VRP, I loaded 300 houses as facilities, and point A as depot 1 and point B as depot 2. In route, I added maximum order count as 100. but I got a result highlighting 100 houses in blue and it traverses through other houses also, without highlighting as blue. And moreover, it retraces already covered road.


My requirement,

-one route from point A to point B.

-exact 100 houses in that route

-not tracing the same route again.

-I want a route which has exact 100 houses in that route.

.here the route traces through houses which are over the cutoff 100. but I want exact route which contains only 100 houses.