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Directory's child resource permissions

Question asked by Szymon.Piskula_WoodMacOnline on Mar 17, 2018



I have the following structure in my AGS Stie






I want to give access to Roles in such way that when members of the role logs in they can see both the folder they are entitled to as well as individual items they are allowed to, but nothing more. So if role X is allowed  to see <svc1A> they should also after logging in to REST services directory see the <Dir1> folder, but nothing else.


If permissions are added only to <svc1A> to role X then after logging in to REST endpoint members of role X dont see the folder <Dir1> at the root of services directory. To let them see <Dir1> i need to give access to it to role X. But that grants recursively access to all child services of <Dir1> which I do not want. To fix  this I programatically crawl over the child resources and revoke access to each service apart from <svc1A>. Only then I can achieve what i want. Having tens of roles and tens of child services of such folders this process is very time consuming.


Is  there a way to add permission to see folder <Dir1>, but NOT grant access to all of its content so that access to each child element has to be granted individually?