SP2 python fixes

Discussion created by Riverside on Jan 31, 2011
Any word for SP2 whether the issues where ListFeatureClasses, shows rasters will be resolved?  Or even the List.remove will work with the ListFeaureClasses.  Currently, If I run my script where I delete my spatial views, my rasters are deleted as well, and this is kinda a pain in that I get to either reload 16 GBs of Rasters, or don't update my tables and spatial views.  If this will not be resolved I need to re code this script so that I hard code the deletes rather than loop through a list.  The list.remove is not working, so I can't just do a fcs.remove('Rastername').

I see this behavior with Wing 3.2.12.

It seems like the list.remove has been fixed in the command line in the python window, but not the ListFeatureClasses showing Rasters.  It however, is not resolved inside of Wing.