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ArcGIS Pro Task - calculate field

Question asked by torbjorn.dallokken4 on Mar 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2019 by Dan_Patterson

I'm working with a quite small and hopefully easy task in ArcGIS Pro, but I'm having some trouble getting the correct result.


We have two featureclasses, one with polylines and one with points. The points are all snapped to the lines. One of the fields in the polyline-class contains a value for rotation, and we want to transfer the value to the corresponding points. 


I've created a task with the following steps:

1. create point (line snappable)

2a. select layer by location (line based on point)

2b. (when exiting the step) copy attribute from line

3a. Save edits

3b. (when starting the step) calculate field in pointclass


The steps seems to run fine, but the step 3b does not work. The field is not calculated with the copied values.


The fieldtype of the rotation is double. If I try to calculate the copied attribute to a field with the fieldtype text, it works ok.


Regards, Torbjørn