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Polygons drawn using OS Master Map are slipping over time, how do I anchor them to newer version of OSMMAP?

Question asked by kdodd_lancaster on Mar 19, 2018



I work in local government and create lots of new features using the OS Master Map (OSMMAP) layer by either tracing or copying and merging; so my new data is derived from OSMMAP but isn't an exact copy of it. A lot of this data has to be republished once ever year or two and when I come back to my layer I find that all the polygons have slipped a little in relation to the OSMMAP layer; I suspect this is because OSMMAP is being updated in the background and shifting slightly, and I would like to know if there was a way to anchor my newly created polygons so I they are properly located on the new version of OSMMAP when I next publish my data?


As I have to edit some of the existing polygons in my layers I manually move the polygon to line it up again and usually end up doing this for my full dataset. As some of my datasets are getting rather large now I think it's about time I learnt to automate this, if possible?


I'm using ArcDesktop /ArcMap 10.5.1 and create my polygons as feature classes in file geodatabases.


#Thank you in advance for any responses.