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Add related data to popup

Question asked by kmorefield on Mar 16, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2018 by kmorefield

I've created a Survey123 app that collects basic survey data (date, time, observer, weather, etc.) and then allows for many wildlife observations (species, quantity, XY Location, etc.).  So there is a 1:many relationship between the "Survey" info and the "Observations".  I have created a webmap in ArcGIS Online that displays the many "Observations" and I would like to include the "Survey" attributes within the popup.  But all it allows is a count value instead of the actual text values.  How do I get the text values?  This is crazy if this can't be done!  I get all of the "child" attributes just fine, but can't get the "parent" values to display in the popup.  Any suggested workarounds?