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Journal Story map suddenly vanished - not recovered till now.. Please help

Question asked by mkuttnernpns on Mar 18, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2018 by SSylvia-esristaff

Dear fellow story mappers and coders out there,


I´m, facing a severe problem -- I've been working on a very complex and detailed Journal Story Map for the last couple of months now (approx 150 hrs working time) which I nearly finished last week. After a "error" message when working with the appbuilder, I received after uploading my last feature layer to my final section of the map I restarted the machine (and thought - OK, maybe I have to upload the layer again and loosing some lines of text in the worst).. BUT -- after restarting I couldn't longer access the URL (till now 4 days later). What is really surprising for me, that all my content (layers, pop-ups in web maps etc. I created within the App builder are accessible (within the web maps via the map viewer) -- so no data is gone but all of my narrative text (which was a very huge workload), the links within the text etc, all the formatting..


I don't know what to do and Esris technical support couldn't help me as well.. 


The Url to my story map (which has not been shared) was


I attached a screenshot showing the error message (which is unfortunately written in german -- meaning the URL isn't valid or the map can't be accessed)


I´m so frustrated and the map should have been finished by the deadline next week. I really don´t know what to do.. Even getting access to the html source code would be so helpful..


Anyone out there who can help me, please?


Thanking you in advance, Michael (-National Park Neusiedler See-)