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Can you add additional federated ArcGIS Server sites to a Base deployment

Question asked by jgustine on Mar 16, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2018 by JQuinn-esristaff

We are looking at simplifying our multi-tiered architecture and really like the looks of the Enterprise builder. We are thinking that we could collapse Portal, Web, Datastore, Server onto one machine, with the majority of our services running on 2-3 additional server only machines. Mabey use the ArcGIS Server component installed with the base deployment only for Hosted Feature services. Say each VM would have 8 cores and 40+ gb of RAM. 


Machine 1 - Full base deployment

Machine 2 - ArcGIS Server

Machine 3 - ArcGIS Server

Machine 4 - ArcGIS Server


Questions I couldn't answer by from reading the docs:


1. If I use the Enterprise builder to install a single machine base deployment can I add additional (ArcGIS Server only) federated machines to the portal?


2. Will the Enterprise builder upgrade process still work for the base deployment machine? (while upgrading the server sites individually)


3. Can I utilize IIS on the base deployment machine to host the additional web adaptors needed for the 3 server only machines? or Should I enable IIS on the additional machines for each ones web adaptor?


If we can make this work we will potentially collapse our server count from ~25 to ~7 for  Dev, Stage, Prod so we are pretty excited. 


I think Dev and Stage are getting moved to a single machine regardless. There is no need for a 4 machine stack to maintain for Dev and Stage anymore. Just need to figure out how this will work into our Prod environment where we need to scale ArcGIS Server horizontally. 


Thanks for any input.