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Listener on Button inside InfoTemplate

Question asked by endlessdsire on Mar 16, 2018
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Im having an issue with the addEventListener for a button that i put inside a infoTemplate.


I have the following code:


var deferred = identifyTask
.addCallback(function (response) {
var filtered = response.filter(e=>{
return e.layerName =='Luminarias';
return, function (result) {
var feature = result.feature;
var layerName = result.layerName;
feature.attributes.layerName = layerName;
if (layerName === 'Luminarias') {
var template = ap_info(feature)
return feature;

document.getElementById("editar_btn").addEventListener('click', (e)=>{console.log(e,"button")});


And then where i make the info template:

function ap_info(feature){
var content = `<div style=padding-top: 10px;>ROTULO: ${feature.attributes.ROTULO}<br /></div>
<div style=padding-top: 10px;>Tipo Conexión: ${feature.attributes.TIPO_CONEXION}<br /></div>
<div style=padding-top: 10px;>Tipo: ${feature.attributes.TIPO}<br /></div>
<div style=padding-top: 10px;>Propiedad: ${feature.attributes.PROPIEDAD}<br /></div>
<div style=padding-top: 10px;>Medido: ${feature.attributes.MEDIDO_TERRENO}<br /><Button class="ui button btn_busqueda" id="editar_btn"">Editar</Button></div>`;
var title = "ID Luminaria " + feature.attributes.ID_LUMINARIA;
var infoTemplate = new InfoTemplate();

return infoTemplate;


So how u see, in the info template i place the button inside the content.

<Button class="ui button btn_busqueda" id="editar_btn"">Editar</Button>


So i need to make the button work for each feature with a listener function that returns the current information shown in the infoWindow.


Any ideas? thanks in advice for the help!