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Why are my process steps changing order upon export from Geoportal?

Question asked by rockoncali on Mar 15, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2018 by curtvprice

I've been authoring/editing metadata using the Esri Geoportal and importing it back into Catalog (using the import button)...and I just realized that the process steps in lineage are getting reordered. Looking at geoportal, this process step should be the most recent but when reviewing it after it has been exported it's not showing up at process step number 8.This is similar to Is there any way of re-ordering the process steps in the lineage section of the metadata editor? but I put them in geoportal the correct way, they're just exporting differently. Any ideas?

metadata fgdc fgdc metadata


Also, for anyone who is curious...I'm authoring metadata using geoportal because we wanted to develop a custom set of metadata validation tools nerdy custom validation and it's been lovely for us, we even have a little script to change a couple tags after we export it from the geoportal. Metadata


Also...I'm going to publish my data even with the process steps out of order because I'm a rebel and getting the data out is more important.