How to Create HydroJunction in Stormwater network

Discussion created by john.bickmore_waternsw on Mar 14, 2018
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I have a pipe network and stormwater inlets. the pipes are all flowing the right way and all have inlet at the top and at junctions.  I have a DEM derived from LiDAR from which I have derived a stream network. Visually it looks like everything connects and its easy to trace the network however I am having issues actually creating the network. The pipes and inlets are very disjointed as it largely relies on street guttering and natural drainage. The user notes seem to pass over the actual creation of the hydrojunction feature class. I have made sink polygons from buffering the inlets but I need to connect these to the hydrojunction FC which is essentially the inlets??. I am hoping someone has a completed network so I can see how the hydrojunctions, sinkpolys and other features link and what fields are required?

Attached is a visual of the network - the labels are the elevations in metres of the bottom of the storm water inlets.