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Save map document to earlier version?

Question asked by peterlen on Mar 15, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2018 by Holywhippet

Hello - I am using Java ArcObjects using the arcobjects.jar from an ArcGIS 10.4 install.  I am manipulating some things in a map document but at the end I want to save it from a 10.4 map document to something like a version 10.1 document for users that haven't upgraded to 10.4.  Python arcpy has a MapDocument saveACopy function where I can pass in the version I want it saved to and that works fine.  I would like to do this in my ArcObjects class, however.  It looked like ArcObjects 9.x did have something called setVersionInfo but that is no longer available.  Does anyone know if there is some other way in ArcObjects to save a MapDocument to an earlier version?


Thansk - Peter