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Reference error when using SelectFeatures

Question asked by hppeng on Mar 15, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2018 by hppeng

My widget code runs well with the correct result. But I see the reference error in Console Window – it says countyFeatureLayer is not defined.

My widget is to show the query result in Attribute table. I use two queries – the first query is to check if the drawbox-polygon is inside the state boundary. The second query is to intersect with countyFeatureLayer to get the county attribute info. Reading questions in the forum, I use SelectFeatures and show the query result in attribute table.

I define countyFeatureLayer in postCreate. In _onDrawComplete function, I just countyFeatureLayer.selectFeatures. My code does not have the error before using SelectFeatures.  Also, I checked my reference, which is same as my sandbox code. I do not know why I get the reference error. See the screenshot.

I also attach my widget zip files.