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Collector - moving an existing location in the field, updating the lat/long coordinates

Question asked by Siran.Erysian@DWR on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2019 by mtorres_training

Our field workers are navigating to point locations on an AGOL map with imagery (ESRI basemap on device). Some of these positions have incorrect latitude and longitude associated with them so they appear in the wrong place on the imagery/map. We want to correct these locations in the field when they discover that the point is in the wrong place. Does moving (editing) the point change the lat/long on the app? Or when shapefile is downloaded from AGOL do I need to recalculate the lat/long in Arc Map, or does the lat/long change when the point is moved? Is it better to type in the correct lat/long using a GPS and not move the point, or do both? How best to capture the correct location for future work.