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The value type is incompatible with the field type. [Shape__Area]

Question asked by HWMontreux on Mar 16, 2018



I'm collecting data on the field with the Collector app in a polygon feature layer.


When I get back at the office, I synchronize my data and when I'm trying to export my feature layer into a shapefile, I get this error message: "The value type is incompatible with the field type. [Shape__Area]." As you can see in one of the screenshots, there is no field type called "Shape_Area" in my data.


I'm having this problem only with polygon feature layer, not with points or lines.


The only workaround I found is to export it as a geodatabase file, open it in ArcGIS Desktop and then save it as a shapefile, but I should be able to export it directly as a shapefile, right?


Here are a few screenshots, let me know if you need anything else.


Thansk in advance for your answer.


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