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ArcGIS Pro "Fake" Python Installation

Question asked by pmckinneyccpa on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2018 by Dan_Patterson

I'm still using ArcGIS Desktop and Python 2.7.  But I know ArcGIS Pro is the future, so I installed it.  So I thought I would start using Python 3.  However, it looks like the Python installation with ArcGIS Pro is a "masked" install.  Whereas Desktop gives you a more "real" Python install.


This is becoming an issue because I can't figure out how to set-up my code editors (PyScripter or Visual Code) to use Python 3.x  I also don't have admin privileges to my computer, and have to submit an IT work order to get temp admin privileges.


Is there an easy way to use the Python 3 install with ArcGIS Pro like I currently use Python 2? Or do I need to just install Python natively?