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Portal admin API not loading

Question asked by ascullyCOT on Mar 14, 2018

Very odd behavior being displayed currently, can't figure this one out.  

The Portaladmin URL simply doesn't load.  Not errors, just a blank page.  Dev tools are not showing much of anything.  This happens on the server itself, bypassing the webadaptor, in multiple browsers.


The Portal instance itself seems to be working correctly as far as users logging in, content being accessible etc.   The only thing I have noticed (and how I discovered this issue originally) is that the option to create new accounts for existing enterprise users (basically we use active directory for our Portal users) is grayed-out, and not available. 


Cannot restart Portal service mid-day, but will try later in the evening.  Otherwise, I'm confounded on the cause and solution.

Enterprise v. 10.6