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Creating Raster Dataset from Three Separate Rasters

Question asked by jgibson2300 on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by jgibson2300

I have three separate rasters. (1) is the USGS DEM clipped to our model domain. (2) is site specific Lidar data that covers an are less than the DEM but also within the model domain.  The Lidar raster is clipped to the actual extents of the Lidar data. (3) is bathymetry data that is clipped to the river banks and the model domain.  The elevation ranges are (1) 119.382-343.699 (2) 115.34-331.229 (3) 73.6022-256.885.  I created a new raster dataset in the geodatabase.  I then load the three raster files to the newly created raster dataset in the geodatabase.  No matter how I combine them the elevation range is compressed and rounded to a range similar to 117-176.  I have reversed the order the rasters are loaded.  I have tried loading only one.  I am not sure what I’m missing.  The goal is a single mosaic raster with the bathmetry incorporated into the Lidar data and where data is missing within the model domain being filled with data from the DEM.  All coordinate systems are the same.  All were processed with one band.  All were processed as unsigned 32-bit rasters.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.