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Network Analyst Service Area: All polygons are generated, but only one set for one of three locations visible

Question asked by lolocabral19 on Mar 13, 2018
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Working on ArcMap 10.6, I am generating service areas for three points of interest. Each service areas has several breaks. As shown below, all the polygons are generated, but only the set for one location is visible. If I go and select the polygons for the other two locations, I can see their contours selected, so I know they are "there". Similarly, if I delete the first set of polygons, the set of service areas for a second location, color scheme included, now appear. If I want to see the last of the three location service areas, I have to delete the second set as well.


I'm pretty sure in an earlier version of Arc, I was able to see all the polygons at the same time, does anybody know what might be going on?


Note that I need overlapping polygons: Not oeverlapping and merging by break value (Multiple Facilities Options) are not appropriate for my analysis.


Thanks for your help!