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Exporting in Survey123: Survey answer change in Excell

Question asked by arosales@nps.gov_nps on Mar 13, 2018
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I created a Survey123 survey for a group of students to use collecting data on plant biodiversity. The app worked well in the field and the results look great on the Survey123 website. However, when I export the data-set from the website in Excel, some of the fields are changed. For example, I have some drop-down menus and when exported show "option2, option11, option21" as opposed to the view on the webpage of the plant name. 

I used the webdesign feature (drag & drop) and didn't build the survey in excel. Is there a way to change this in my survey or on the back-end? 

Here are some examples: Survey123 Web View


Exported i Excel View:

I did notice that the plant coverage buttons are square, but the drop-down choices for the plants are circles. I was wondering if that is part of the problem. 


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