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Strikethrough on Repeat Records

Question asked by bradenburkholder on Mar 13, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2018 by bradenburkholder

As of 2.6.7, I'm getting some odd behavior on required fields within repeats. Specifically:

1. When select_one fields used in the last record are selected, the answer shows with a strikethrough

   (but if the field was not used in the immediately preceding record (due to relevant setting), it looks normal)

2. Required integer fields are defaulting to zero - with no default value set otherwise

   (this is a bigger deal as zero can be meaningful as a value and a user may forget to correctly fill it in)




All data appear to be preserved and do not have strikethrough formatting if repeat records are reviewed (before submitting or from outbox). 


This may be related to another reported issue:

select_one choice strikethrough when opened by inbox