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Cache all tiles from web service on startup

Question asked by azz561 on Mar 13, 2018
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Currently I'm using a WebTiledLayer to display my tiles from a web server. The web server is something small I knocked up using WCF. The code I use to make the layer is like so:

var layer = new WebTiledLayer(@"http://localhost:1272/TileService/GetTile?z={level}&x={col}&y={row}");


Is there any way I could point at that URL and retrieve all the layers in one go, then use that cache as the source? For example:

var minZoom = 0;

var maxZoom = 5;

var tileCache = await GetTilesFromService(@"http://localhost:1272/TileService/GetTile?z={level}&x={col}&y={row}", minZoom, maxZoom);

var layer = new ArcGISTiledLayer(tileCache);


Please note the above code is purely pseudo code. I feel it shows what I want however.


Is there anything like this in the 100.2.1 sdk?