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Search Bar Showing No Results in PhoneGap

Question asked by deleted-user-1_r2dgYuILKY on Mar 13, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by deleted-user-1_r2dgYuILKY

I'm building an app in PhoneGap/Cordova and I've added a search bar to the map. When I type in any text, I don't see any suggestions and when I hit search it returns "No results found." Do I need to add a specific ESRI server to my Content Security Policy? I've added the CSP from this example, and I'm able to load layers from the ESRI servers and my company's ArcGIS Server. 


var search = new Search({
            map: map,
               showInfoWindowOnSelect: false,
               enableLabel: false,
               enableHighlight: false,
                  enableSuggestions: true
         }, "search");