Understanding ArcGIS Enterprise Components

Discussion created by boyle.matt on Mar 12, 2018
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We are looking to roll out a base deployment of ArcGIS Enterprise and we're looking to fully understand all the pieces, and rather than read through a bunch of documentation, I thought I'd try GeoNet first to see if I could explain our current architecture and get some opinions on how we should move forward...


Our current architecture:

  • ArcGIS Server Advanced with Image Server role (10.5.1)
  • Web Adaptor 10.5.1 installed on reverse proxy configured to use Server listed above
  • Do NOT have Portal installed
  • Do NOT have Data Store installed
  • Use ArcGIS Online for Organizations for managing Web GIS (all web maps, Pro licensing, users, Open Data)
  • Use Web AppBuilder Developer Edition for creating apps that are self hosted on local web server


The main piece of ArcGIS Enterprise we are struggling to understand is Portal, and where it fits into our current architecture and workflow.  As mentioned, we currently use AGO for Organizations for managing all our Web GIS 'stuff', while publishing services to our ArcGIS Server.


In order to start fully migrating to Pro, and to be able to publish services using Pro, as I understand it, we need to have Portal installed.  I have always thought of Portal as AGO for Organizations installed locally, so I'm not fully understanding how we would use Portal...?  I think we are pretty pleased with using AGO for Organizations to manage our Web GIS (no maintenance on our end, etc...) but if we have to use Portal to publish with Pro, so be it.


My main questions are:

  1. Can we use Portal to pass through our published services to our GIS Server?
  2. Do we need to migrate any of our AGO for Organizations user accounts to Portal?
  3. What is a federated ArcGIS Server?...and does it provide us any benefit?
  4. What is a hosting server?...and does it provide us any benefit?
  5. Can the Data Store and Portal be placed on the same server?  I doubt we would publish many hosted services that would use the Data Store.
  6. Does Portal need its own Web Adaptor?  If so, can it be placed on the same proxy server as the one we use for our GIS Server?


I understand some of these questions can probably become quite involved, but I'm assuming (perhaps that's bad on my part) we aren't the only organization that has this type of architecture (Server + AGO for Organizations) and are wondering how Portal and the Data Store fit into our future.