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Reclassify: My DEM returns a negative count?

Question asked by IoWool on Mar 10, 2018
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I am trying to reclassify a DEM into three classes based on elevation and for some reason, it keeps returning decidedly NOT what I was trying to accomplish. However, when I clip it down, it works fine. At first I thought the problem was just because the DEM is fairly large. I then noticed that under classification statistics the count reads as a negative number. I have never encountered this issue before. I have done something similar with the same DEM a few years ago and didn't have this issue. What is really perplexing to me is that if I clip the raster, no problem. Is there a way I can remedy this issue? Please, any help would be much appreciated!


Classification statistics for the DEM

I am currently using ArcGIS Pro but I went back to ArcMap to test this and had the same issue.


What happens with full DEM

This is what is returned when I try to reclassify the entire DEM


What is returned with clipped DEM

This is what is returned, and what I want, with a clipped portion of the DEM.


Prior to reclassifying, I go into symbology and classify the the DEM into three classes, and then from there I use the reclassify tool.


Again, any help would be immensely, greatly apprecaited!