where has all the coffee gone

Discussion created by MCederholm on Mar 10, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2018 by CLoya-esristaff

Long time passing...

The coffee has petered out in earlier events, but not [I'm pretty sure] in the last few years.  Are we forgetting certain lessons?  Here we are at DevSummit 2018 and the coffee cycle repeats itself.  


Speaking of beverages, as I witnessed the struggles of the poor beer dispensers, I have decided that this was not managed at all well.  I don't know what Palm Springs Convention Center had promised, but they most definitely did not deliver this year, unless it was to your own specification.  Let's learn from this, folks.


At least lunches were good as ever.  Party was **** food, greasy, a guilty pleasure, with admittedly an alternative back salad row.  I honestly don't know how to improve that.  Let's have a round of ***** and blurts for the spirit of party hearty [which then fails and drops you to the ground].


You did keep the better swag pens from last year.  At least you learned from that.