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Relate AGOL feature layer to Google Spreadsheet CSV, display related records in pop-up?

Question asked by ssperkin on Mar 9, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2018 by AMuise-esristaff

I do water quality sampling for a non-profit and am currently working with four universities on a large project. We really need to map our data. I have 10 sites. For each site, I sample once per month for multiple parameters.

It seemed like the best way to structure this (mapping the sampling sites with data available in the popups) would be to have a feature layer of sampling sites and then to relate a table of data. Each sampling run would be a row (like a feature) and each parameter would be a column (like a field). The site-to-data relationship is a one-to-many.



The data is most easily held/shared in Google Spreadsheet. I have tried publishing it as a CSV and adding it as a AGOL feature layer. Then, using ArcGIS Pro, I tried creating a relationship to the data in the hosted CSV, but that did not seem to work. Maybe it's not possible?



End goal: I need to be able to click on a sampling site and in the pop-up have data from the most recent sampling run highlighted but also have past data available, be it in a table and/or chart but at the very least in a link.

I'm open to other approaches. I really need to manage the data in a spreadsheet outside of ArcGIS. Otherwise, I'm going to be transcribing data at least twice to get it into a spreadsheet and then into a separate attribute table.


Jake Skinner, it looked like you had answered a somewhat similar question a year ago, so I wanted to tag you. Allison Muise, I know you have the Mosquito Surveillance Web App, and that could almost do the trick, but I'm again having trouble with the hosted Google Spreadsheet. Plus, what you've done with the Mosquito Surveillance Web App is great and should be a standard, configurable option!


If it does not exist as a simple setup, ArcGIS Online really needs a simple setup for sampling in mind where you can click on a site and in a pop-up get past records and summary visuals (e.g., charts) of trends.

Thank you!