Display virtual tours, 3d models & images in sidepanel

Discussion created by pbsusa on Mar 9, 2018
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Good Morning, 


I have a test map set up (link here) that is darn close to the final product I'm looking for. The map contains multiple different types of files created with unmanned aerial systems (UAS) - Orthophoto, 360d photos & 3d models.  The 360d photos are just pulled from the virtual tour (link here) and are attached to point features, and the 3d model (link here) is attached to the individual vineyard boundaries.  


The embedded links work well in the pop-up window, but I'm trying to get them into a docked & user-adjustable side panel instead, such as the widgets displaying the pie charts in the first link. In some cases, we'll have multiple attributes on a feature that have different content, such as a video & a virtual tour. I'd like the two widget panels on the left to be populated with these attributes. 


The "minimalist" app template is very close to what I want, but my only complaint is that the docked pop up window can't be adjusted, whereas the dashboard template CAN be adjusted, but doesn't allow me the popup window as an option.  


Any ideas/suggestions or alternate methods of approach would be greatly appreciated.  I'm brand-spanking-new to ESRI products (< 2 months), so an option in the AGOL web app builder environment would probably be more realistic for me than the desktop app builder.  


Thank you