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Repeated site visit use case for Survey123

Question asked by resseger on Mar 12, 2018
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I'm trying to figure out the best way to do the following using Survey123:


We have a feature class published as a web service of river and stream monitoring locations we visit on a regular basis. Staff go out to these sites and collect metadata about the visit, field data (pH, temperature, conductivity), and water samples. I'd like to turn their current paper field sheet into a simple web form which is easy to do in Survey123. However I'd like staff to assign the form instance to an existing monitoring location, and we have hundreds of defined locations, so selecting from an alphabetized dropdown is unwieldy. Ideally there would be a dropdown of sites that could be sorted by distance from where the individual is based on gps coordinates. Alternately staff could select the site from a map first which then links to the form.  Other than identifying and assigning the form to the correct monitoring location, we have no need to collect spatial data.


We currently have a pilot of this app using Collector, but I find Survey123 easier for us to work with. Is there a way to handle the above workflow using only Survey123, or would I need to embed Survey123 forms into Collector (or other map based app) using the custom url scheme?  Trying to keep this entire workflow as simple as possible.


I plan to create a new web service for this survey, not build onto any existing feature service. I just want the survey to be able to reference the existing feature service that stores locations of our existing sites. We do not plan to collect any new sites with this app.


Thank you!