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Need WebTiledLayer top left corner as X:0 Y:0

Question asked by azz561 on Mar 12, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2018 by mnielsen-esristaff


I'm using the WebTiledLayer to retrieve tiles from a tile service like so:

var myMap = new Map();

var layer = new WebTiledLayer(@"http://localhost:51236/Diagram/GetTile?z={level}&x={col}&y={row}");


EsriMapView.Map = myMap;

EsriMapView.WrapAroundMode = WrapAroundMode.Disabled;

It displays the map but the coordinates are really funky. I have the same tiles being shown in a web browser using leaflet and openlayers and they both have the top left of the image as X:0 and Y:0.

How can I get the WebTiledLayer to do the same? It is not a georeferenced image so to speak, it doesn't matter where it exists in the world as long as it matches the way leaflet and openlayers show it.


P.s. Currently my X and Y for the top left corner are:

{MapPoint[X=-20006660.5011632, Y=20027163.8639819, Wkid=3857]}